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Aphex Twin

For some of you the name may be completely familiar, but for others this might be a real discovery. Aphex Twin (Richard D. James) is definitely one of the pillars of current electronic music, a creative genius of the first order whose music can be enjoyed at a great number of levels. rdjngear.jpg (29214 bytes)

What I specially like about Aphex is his attitude towards his creations. It is clear that he is completely devoted to the process of recording and mixing his tracks, completing them and then moving on! He's not stuck on the epidemic of "Let's make the next hit!" or "Let's make it perfect!" or "It should sound like..." (key word being "should"). As he says, once a piece is finished it is no longer important. It is time to move on to the next one.

A teacher of mine once said that a painting is a corpse. It was only alive as it was being painted and it died at the moment of completion. To look at a painting is to attempt to find the remembrance of life in a cadaver. Hopefully the more life there was when it was moving around, the more signs this life will have left.

Aphex's music (in spite of its electronic nature) shows so much life, so much pure joy in the process of creation, that it points clearly to someone who is a master of the process - not the "what?" but the "How?".

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