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That which in my music is not Stockhausen
-- the most essential part --
is timeless,

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"Stockhausen" is only a label, a name.
When I have gone, it is no longer there.
But the music lives on.

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I will tell you:
Stockhausen's music is not Stockhausen,
but this spirit which is using me.

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And you, too, are not what you appear to be.
Your human personality is quite limited and temporary.

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... it could be said that what is destroyed
was predestined for that.

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Spirit is not confined to specific forms,
and all forms are predestined to pass away.

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One must rather listen to the vibrations
which manifest themselves in forms
in a thousand different ways.

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You are little lights,
as I am,
which flicker --
which whisper something to one another,
to pass the time.

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What it is that we say
is fundamentally also not so important ...
what is important is that we are together like this ...
for twenty lights simply give off more light ...
than a single one ...

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... possibilities to get out of the prison
of the body,
of the senses,
of the mind.

All these are prisons.

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And to express our cosmic nature
which is unlimited
and only for the life as a human being,

... the deepest desire is to get out of this prison.

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All models
and all systems
and all limits
defined by human beings
are practical
to make this machine work on this planet
and to make society work.

But they are only valid for a certain time.
They are not absolute.

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...but that is very creative isn't it?
Because the limitation
causes progress and invention,
and that is the whole meaning of the universe.

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Musical spirits must prepare themselves
for a lengthy period of being truly 'underground',
maintaining the flow of life-
sustaining currents beneath the surface.

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Passivity is no longer sufficient for me; with the sound,
reaching into the sound
and participating in forming it...
... one can become the music.

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Karlheinz Stockhausen
8/22/28 - 12/5/07
All text by Karlheinz Stockhausen from various sources.
Music - Fragment from Kontakte
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