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You called me
very upset
feeling violated
raising your voice

a02.jpg (63620 bytes)

her boxes had mingled with yours
her clothes were hanging with yours
in a space that used to be
your room.

You labor
under false assumptions
you feel violated
you have no cause.

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I never said that.
I simply asked
and I promised
nothing in return.

a04.jpg (123752 bytes)

a05.jpg (39883 bytes) I made an agreement
with you.
I honored that agreement.
a06.jpg (42817 bytes)

But it was a place
to store things.
It was no longer
your space.

a07.jpg (51300 bytes) I broke
no agreement
with you.
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a09.jpg (53817 bytes)

real agreements,
perceived agreements,
and reactions...

a10.jpg (21327 bytes)

I offer you
as you go
as a brother
to you
in the Work.

a11.jpg (45859 bytes) I wasn’t going to
you were so
out of reality
a11b.jpg (52585 bytes)

I saw no good coming
of waking you up.

But there is something
we can point at
and talk about.

a12.jpg (60862 bytes)

The point is
you haven’t been
your own breaking
of agreements
and this weakens your

a13.jpg (81337 bytes)

a14.jpg (106515 bytes) you had broken your agreement.
you had.

a15.jpg (82141 bytes)

a14b.jpg (63085 bytes) You agreed
that you would put
your effort
into keeping the doors open.
a16.jpg (50182 bytes)

Now you are leaving.
a violation
of your word
that you haven’t recognized
as such.

a17.jpg (107961 bytes) I also wish
to point out
human anger and
broken agreements
a18.jpg (43682 bytes)
a19.jpg (154861 bytes) even the major one

I want to state
your ability
to control
has decreased
since you have been Working.

a20.jpg (85941 bytes) a21.jpg (65326 bytes)
a23.jpg (80656 bytes)

you may want
to look at that

a22.jpg (57167 bytes)

I point
to you
with intent
of clarifying

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