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The military
will investigate

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15 Iraqi civilians

insurgents attacked
the patrol
with small arms.
small03.jpg (53590 bytes) misconduct
by Marines
the rules of
military engagement.

just zap
any farmer
that's close
to you

square01.jpg (132069 bytes)
square02.jpg (205040 bytes) Their bodies
riddled with bullets
square03.jpg (200779 bytes) there were
blood spatters
inside their homes

seven women
and three children

their troops deliberately shot dead at least 15 civilians

small04.jpg (54303 bytes)
long02.jpg (86453 bytes) initially reported
killed by a roadside bomb.

always carry a shovel.
He could then plant this
on any civilian victims to make it look
as though...

small05.jpg (49054 bytes) the two families
had indeed been
shot dead
in their homes
long03.jpg (111583 bytes)
shoot up the landscape
or anything that moved
tall04.jpg (124502 bytes) small06.jpg (53078 bytes) they positively
tried to
identify the enemy

those killed were "collateral damage"

Marines followed
the international law of armed conflict

pieces of human flesh

square04.jpg (160915 bytes)
small07.jpg (39054 bytes)

civilians can
get caught
in the crossfire.

George W. Bush
has said he thinks
at least
30,000 Iraqis
had been killed

long04.jpg (76661 bytes) estimates vary on
civilian casualties


an act of revenge in a potential war crime



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Text fragments from AP News and BBC News

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