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Solar Shop v2

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Clear and beautiful electronica
Crystalline spaces and infectious beats

Following on the footsteps of Solar Shop, we continue with our original mission: "
to open up the genre of electronica and explore the limits of possibility, while remaining faithful to the inherent basic power of music to elevate the spirit and thrill the mind."  Our influences range from traditional classical music to experimental to jazz to rock.... all in a very crystal clear electronic setting.

The CD is about 60 min of pure imagination! Here is the track list:

  1. Kinetique - a complex whirl of fractal designs and interlocking rhythmic figures, melodies and counterpoint combining in a kinetic burst of energy. Streaming Audio!
  2. Soft Remains - After a battle, after an explosion, some lingering pieces of form and structure remain, to gather themselves among the ashes.
  3. Cycles of Darkness - Through our cyclical bouts with wakefulness and sleep, we come to undertand that we are voyaging through endless cycles of light... and darkness.
  4. Beyond Assumptions - A bass line that flies from the lowest reaches to almost touch the sky, a bone crunching beat that finds its place within it, and suddenly we're about to go past all that we thought we knew.
  5. Midnight Smile - I woke up restless and happy. There was nowhere to go and nothing to do, so I moved over to the studio and found melodies that would mirror my inner happiness and might someday remind me of what I had temporarily discovered.
  6. Mobility - A nod back to the first Solar Shop, from the depths of the oceans to the first step of the moon, water continues to be the medium for life.
  7. Then Again - a bittersweet remembrance of a magical journey and the sacrifice that went with it.
  8. Wheel in Flames - The endless return of karma captured in a blistering guitar riff that is constantly about to go off track but never quite leaves the path.
  9. Robot Feast - When their masters have left the factory for the night, the robots gather to praise life and each other, in a robotic party that attempts to transcend their machinery.
  10. Telepathic Frag- bits of syllables, information flowing through previously forbidden channels... is that your voice I hear?
  11. Outflow- Ultimately we must learn that it is most crucial to keep the flow going, to keep the game happening, no matter what the costs, no matter what the situation. Streaming Audio!

You will flow into soundscapes that encompass trance, new age, drum’n’bass and ambient. You will dance to electronic rhythms learned from indigenous peoples and from random patterns transposed from unknown sources!

Our influences range from the Orb, Aphex Twin, Bill Laswell, Hearts of Space, FSOL and DJ Spooky to composers such as Debussy, John Cage and Philip Glass.

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