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Ether Bunny

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ether :(e-thur)
n. the hypothetical non-material, imponderable medium supposed by physicists to permeate the whole of space and to transmit the waves of light, radiant heat, and electromagnetic radiation; the higher regions beyond earth.

bunny:(bah-nee) n. the pet name for a a white lab rabbit....

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You are on the edge of a Luxurious Special Delight;
a Morphing Dimensional Molecular Additive...
here we can clear away the past and enhance the present....
the world is continually evolving and turning into the future....
the universe is expanding and will possibly implode....
this is why you need
Ether Bunny!

On the plane of human consciousness, Ether Bunny infused itself to be the reality of Juan Carlos Mendizabal and Sean A. Fenn [code names: Ki-Rin and Creed DuChat]. With the knowledge of musical structures which Ki-Rin possessed and the uncanny quirk of Creed’s lyrical, stream-of-consciousness art-form , the venture of Ether Bunny was set into motion.

Creed is the frontman/ lyricist and an artist. Previous experience includes fronting an industrial band in the L.A. area from 94-96 (Cybersmack) which played with such groups as My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, Christian Death.

Ki-Rin is a professional composer/ arranger since 1992. His projects encompass classical, symphonic, and electronic genres. These include Twilight Dreams Music, El Salvador National Symphony Orchestra, Santa Clara University, Ikonic Interactive, Ideo, El Salvador National Symphony Orchestra, Coro Hispano De San Francisco (Hispanic Choir of San Francisco).

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Creed D.: Voice, Lyric, Beats, Loops, Samples

Kyron: Computer, Guitar, Synths, Loops, Samples, etc.

Ether Bunny’s music has been compared to that of Depeche Mode & Chemical Brothers.

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‘‘The timing is right, at the brink of technological revolution, to create a mechanism of psychedelic electronic enlightenment; a shift in paradigm - to enter a new world....’’

To establish ourselves as creators of a new subgenre of electronic music, Trip-Tech. We ask your support in helping us rise to the next level....

We wish to revolutionize the future while never taking ourselves too seriously.

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